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The European environment - State and outlook 2005

This is the third state and outlook report on the European environment produced by the European Environment Agency (EEA) since 1994. Looking back, the last report, published in 1999 concluded that, despite 25 years of Community environmental policy, environmental quality in the European Union (EU) was mixed and that the unsustainable development of some key economic sectors was the major barrier to further improvements.

State of Environment report No 1/2005

Climate Change Mitigation: Blue States Act and Red States Free Ride

Climate Change Mitigation: Blue States Act and Red States Free Ride: "
As discussed below, 9 northeastern states are getting ready to sign a pact to cap and trade electric utility greenhouse gas emissions. Under what conditions would this pact accelerate the timing and increase the probability that the nation's electric …

Battle Lines Set as New York Acts to Cut Emissions

Battle Lines Set as New York Acts to Cut Emissions: "

New York is adopting California's ambitious new regulations aimed at cutting automotive emissions of global …

Emissions trading: Companies want longer-term certainty and predictability

Emissions trading: Companies want longer-term certainty and predictability: "

The European Commission has released first highlights of a recent stakeholder consultation on the EU emissions trading scheme, which …

BP gives carbon cutting tips

BP gives carbon cutting tips: "
Oil companies have started to hint in their advertising that easy oil will not last forever. Still, I was a little surprised to find that BP's site has a cheeky little Flash-based household carbon emissions calculator (complete with animated Fisher-Price …

Climate summit opens in Montreal

Climate summit opens in Montreal: "
The first United Nations climate conference since the Kyoto agreement came into force in February has opened with the US still resisting targets.

Περιβαλλοντικά φιλικοί Ολυμπιακοί αγώνες στο Τορίνο

Major sports events have a huge impact on the environment. The best way to reduce this impact is to take environment into account from the outset, when planning such events. This is precisely what the organising committee of the Turin February 2006 Winter Olympic games (TOROC) has done. It has registered to EMAS, the EU eco-management and audit scheme, and it is promoting the EU Eco-label for tourist accommodation in the surrounding region. As a result, other organising or bidding committees for the Olympic Games or other major sports events are considering joining EMAS and the EU Eco-label.

EMAS and Eco-label - greening sports events

The sustainable Games

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Who will save us from a 2005 peak?

Who will save us from a 2005 peak?: "
Can we find hope for those of us who might be thinking, to paraphrase St Augustine, "Lord, make us conserve oil, but not just yet!" Remember this picture? Let's check in with our top enablers of the last few years and see who might be good for another …

Economics, Politics, and Psychology: The Case of Avian Flu--Posner

Economics, Politics, and Psychology: The Case of Avian Flu--Posner: "
There is concern about the possibility of a flu pandemic that would be as or more lethal than the 1918-1919 Spanish flu pandemic, which may have killed as many as 50 million people worldwide; 500,000 died in the United States....

Comment on Avian Flu--BECKER

Comment on Avian Flu--BECKER: "
Posner raises most of the important issues. I will make just a couple of points. Companies are reluctant to invest in developing vaccines or other protections against the Avian and other types of flu not only because of their legitimate...

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U.K. Greenhouse Gas Demand Was Correct, Court Says

U.K. Greenhouse Gas Demand Was Correct, Court Says: "
The U.K. should have been allowed to request an increase in air-pollution permits from European Union regulators, an EU court ruled today.

Περιβάλλον και Χρηματιστήριο

Άρχισαν να βλέπουν το φώς οι επιπτώσεις της αναγκαστικής συμμετοχής της ΔΕΗ στην Ευρωπαϊκή αγορά αδειών ρύπων (ως αγοραστή).

Βραχυκύκλωμα στα κέρδη και τη μετοχή της ΔΕΗ

"Σύμφωνα με τον πρόεδρο της ΔΕΗ, τα αποτελέσματα του 2005 επηρεάζονται έντονα από την αύξηση του κόστους των καυσίμων, την αγορά δικαιωμάτων ρύπων και την αδυναμία της επιχείρησης να υποκαταστήσει τις απώλειες μέσω των τιμολογίων, τα οποία ρυθμίζονται διοικητικά."

ΔΕΗ: Αμυδρές ελπίδες ανάκαμψης το 2006

Προφανώς, εάν η πολιτική της ΔΕΗ δεν προσαρμοστεί στα νέα δεδομένα, κάποια στιγμή το διογκούμενο κόστος (προς το παρόν εκτιμώμενο σε 69 εκατομμύρια) θα μετακυλιστεί αναγκαστικά στους καταναλωτές. Αυτό ήδη ζητάει και η διοίκηση της ΔΕΗ ....." ..συνηθίζεται, τόσο οι δαπάνες των καυσίμων όσο και οι επιβαλλόμενες πρόσθετες δαπάνες, (δικαιώματα εκπομπών διοξειδίου του άνθρακα) να συνυπολογίζονται με έναν δίκαιο μηχανισμό στα τιμολόγια των καταναλωτών ρεύματος, κάτι που ακόμη δεν εφαρμόζεται στην Ελλάδα». Δημήτρης Μανιατάκης στα ΝΕΑ

Tο ειδικό τέλος για ρύπους θα το πληρώσουν οι πελάτες της ΔEH

Μήπως είναι καιρός να διαμορφωθεί μια πολιτική μείωσης των ρύπων προς όφελος τόσο της εταιρείας όσο και του περιβάλλοντος, δηλαδή προς όφελος της ελληνικής κοινωνίας;

Χάλασε ο «θερμοστάτης» της Γης

Και ο καιρός... τρελάθηκε. Το μεγάλο κρύο των τελευταίων ημερών που πλήττει πολλές χώρες της Ευρώπης, μεταξύ των οποίων και η Ελλάδα, ήλθε να διαδεχθεί έναν Οκτώβριο ο οποίος, σύμφωνα με τους μετεωρολόγους, ήταν για τον πλανήτη ο πιο ζεστός των τελευταίων 125 ετών! Οι κυκλώνες του περασμένου καλοκαιριού μας έδωσαν μόνο μια πρώτη γεύση της καταστροφικής μανίας των ακραίων καιρικών φαινομένων που συνδέονται με τις κλιματικές αλλαγές. Τώρα τα νέα στοιχεία που μόλις δημοσίευσε η υπηρεσία των ΗΠΑ για τη μελέτη της ατμόσφαιρας και των ωκεανών ΝΟΑΑ (National Oceanic and Atmospheric Administration) δείχνουν ότι ο... θερμοστάτης του πλανήτη χάλασε.

Το Εθνικό Αστεροσκοπείο Αθηνών καταγράφει την τελευταία δεκαετία διαρκώς αυξανόμενες θερμοκρασίες

Further musings on Jared Diamond's Collapse

Further musings on Jared Diamond's Collapse: "
Julian Morris and I recently co-edited an edition of the interdisciplinary journal Energy and Environment, in which we commissioned a series of reviews of Collapse: How Societies Choose to Fail or Succeed by Jared Diamond. Several of these reviews have...

iisd's contribution in preparation of Montreal's conference

A post-2012 climate change regime will need to balance the diverse needs of all countries while striving to prevent the potentially serious economic and social consequences of the impacts of climate change. A common understanding of the issues associated with four key elements of a potential post-2012 climate change regime could support the emergence of an internationally acceptable approach to this critical issue.

Which Way Forward? - Issues in developing an effective climate regime after 2012

Climate talks to be most significant since Kyoto

Canada prepares to host the first UN meeting on climate change since the Kyoto Protocol took effect last February.

"The real game here is not Kyoto targets. We're now moving into a negotiation where we have to [talk about] 30 per cent reductions by 2020," says Ms. May, head of the Sierra Club of Canada.

Montreal 2005

Official site of the conference


Από τα SUV στα υβριδικά αυτοκίνητα (αυτοκίνητα που κινούνται με ρεύμα και βενζίνη). Η άνοδος ρεκόρ στην τιμή της βενζίνης στις ΗΠΑ αλλά και τα ευρύτερα προβλήματα της διεθνούς αυτοκινητοβιομηχανίας στρέφουν τις μεγαλύτερες εταιρείες στην αναζήτηση νέων λύσεων.

Το μέλλον θα 'ναι υβριδικό

Comments on Stavins over at Brad DeLongs SDM

Comments on Stavins over at Brad DeLongs SDM: "
Brad DeLong picks up on our most recent reprint of Stavins' The Environmental Forum column (Rob Stavins Makes a Little Joke). Rob said:[T]he United States can place itself where it ought to be — in a position of international leadership...

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Climate Basics

Climate Basics
Recently, Oxford University launched a new initiative called Climate.Basics. This Internet site provides a nice explanation and simple illustrations on what is meant by 'climate' and how the climate system works. The Climate.Basics site is a collaboration with the climateprediction.net project, which is the world???s largest climate prediction experiment. ...

Link to article

Ecological Footprint updated

Check out your ecological footprint. According to this report the world this year is overshooting it's capacity.

Link to site

My Cartel Is Bigger Than Your Cartel

My Cartel Is Bigger Than Your Cartel: "
How we can screw OPEC.

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Happy Peak Oil Day?

Happy Peak Oil Day?: "
World crude oil production (exclusive of NGL), as estimated by the Oil and Gas Journal. The highest production so far occurred in May 2005. The graph is not zero-scaled.

Favorable Policies Spur Biofuel Growth

Production and use of biofuels—fuels derived from crops and agricultural wastes—advanced rapidly in 2004, spurred by agricultural, environmental, and consumer interests. Brazilian and U.S. government efforts to provide alternatives to high-priced oil helped grow the market for ethanol fuels in the 1980s, but it then languished for much of the 1990s. Since 2000, however, rising environmental concerns, new technologies, and the desire to find new income streams for farmers have provided a large boost.
The European Union is the third-largest producer of biofuels but the leading manufacturer of biodiesel. With the help of tax breaks for diesel fuel, nearly 1.6 billion liters of biodiesel were produced in Europe in 2003, a 43-percent increase over 2001. Many European vehicle manufacturers have approved the use of 100-percent biodiesel in their engines. The growth of biofuels may accelerate even further as more countries introduce favorable policies.

Ολόκληρο το άρθρο σε pdf

ΣΥΝΤΗΞΗ * Το μεγάλο πείραμα

KARL SCHNEIDER Μια λωρίδα γης ανάμεσα στις λίμνες Τακαχόκι και Ομπούτσι στη Βόρεια Ιαπωνία μπορεί να αλλάξει το μέλλον του πλανήτη μας. Ολες οι ανησυχίες μας για την τιμή του πετρελαίου και τα αέρια του θερμοκηπίου μπορεί να εξαφανισθούν αν η ιαπωνική κυβέρνηση αποφασίσει να στεγάσει εδώ ένα πρόγραμμα το οποίο ενδέχεται να μας προσφέρει σχεδόν απεριόριστες ποσότητες ενέργειας και «καθαρό» ηλεκτρισμό μέσα στα επόμενα 50 χρόνια. Το Ροκάσο ήταν μία από τις δύο τοποθεσίες που

Link to article

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Matt Simmons • The Coming Global Oil Crisis

Τα στοιχήματα συνεχίζουν. Έχουμε φτάσει στο σημείο μέγιστης παγκόσμιας άντλησης πετρελαίου;

Link to article...

Will Chinese Innovation Protect Us From Peak Oilers' Gloomy Predictions?

Will Chinese Innovation Protect Us From Peak Oilers' Gloomy Predictions?: "
Suppose there is sharp learning by doing in the renewable energy industry. As this article below discusses, China is getting ready to make a major investment in wind turbines. If the Chinese government creates the demand for renewables technology and …

Πώς βλέπει ένας οικονομολόγος το θέμα του Peak Oil

Peak Oil at the American Enterprise Institute: "
A week ago I participated in a discussion at the American Enterprise Institute on peak oil. A video of the event can be downloaded from E&ETV and a transcript is available from Peak Oil News.

Στοίχημα μεταξύ των Julian Simon and Paul Ehrlich - Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia

Στοίχημα μεταξύ των Julian Simon and Paul Ehrlich - Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia: "Πληροφορίες για το γνωστό στοίχημα μεταξύ των Julian Simon και του Paul Ehrlich για την εξέλιξη των τιμών κάποιων μετάλλων."

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Millennium Ecosystem Assessment (MA): The 4th report

The fourth Millennium Ecosystem Assessment (MA) report, Ecosystems and Human Well-being: Opportunities and Challenges for Business and Industry, synthesizes and integrates findings related to both small and large businesses throughout the industrial and developing world. The 34-page report connects the dots between environmental changes and the private sector. The report highlights ways in which businesses depend on services provided by ecosystems, how those ecosystem services are changing, and the ramifications for business and industry.

More info: Millenium Ecosystem Assessment

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Μεταπτυχιακά προγράμματα για Οικονομική του Περιβάλλοντος

Κάποιες λίστες μεταπτυχιακών προγραμμάτων:



Here is a ranking of “agricultural economics” departments, many of which specialize in environmental and resource economics. The rankings in this study also break the departments down by field (including resource and env. econ).


More Questions for Peak Oilers

More Questions for Peak Oilers: "
I often go to www.theoildrum.com to try to understand how smart non-economists think about resource depletion in a growing economy. There I see a fair bit of venting about economists and our "naive optimism".

It’s not the Economy, Stupid

It’s not the Economy, Stupid: "
As an economist, I am always baffled by people who think that pointing out that while GDP has grown exponentially for the past half-century, human happiness has remained relatively flat is somehow irrefutable evidence that capitalism, markets, and …

Economics for environmentalists

Economics for environmentalists: "
A long-winded comment over the weekend contained something that I thought, if properly edited, might be worth repeating (if only to make sure that some in my enviro-econ class saw it):My environmental econ course has evolved into a sort of...

Blood, Gore and Climate Change

Blood, Gore and Climate Change: "
Do you remember those standardized test questions that ask you to pick the one that is least like the other? Five years ago, if you would have asked me which of these three doesn't fit--markets, climate change or Al Gore--I...

More Oil, Less Carbon

More Oil, Less Carbon: "
I don't know much about oil extraction technologies but any technology that promises to reduce the cost of extraction, allow for more oil recovery AND reduce total carbon dioxide sounds like a win-win-win-win-win-...-win to me--sorry, got carried away....

Ανησυχητικά ποσοστά κασσίτερου σε σαρδέλες του Αιγαίου

Ανησυχητικά ποσοστά κασσίτερου σε σαρδέλες του Αιγαίου: "
Οργανοκασσιτερικές ενώσεις σε επίπεδα ενδεχομένως ανησυχητικά -καθώς η ΕΕ δεν έχει νομοθετημένο ανώτατο επιτρεπτό όριο οργανοκασσιτερικών ενώσεων στα αλιεύματα- βρέθηκαν σε σαρδέλες Αιγαίου. Σε

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Hydrogen economy

Couple of interesting pieces on hydrogen

The Hydrogen EconomyAfter Oil, Clean Energy From a Fuel-Cell-Driven Global Hydrogen Webby Jeremy Rifkin
In: emagazin.com

The Hydrogen Economy
If the fuel cell is to become the modern steam engine, basic research must provide breakthroughs in understanding, materials, and design to make a hydrogen?based energy system a vibrant and competitive force.
George W. Crabtree, Mildred S. Dresselhaus, and Michelle V. Buchanan
In: Physics Today Online

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LINKAGES: all you want to know about international environmental negotiations

LINKAGES brings you the latest news and information from international environmental and sustainable development negotiations.

IISD LINKAGES. A multimedia resource for environmental and development policy makers

You may event want to get through email the EARTH NEGOTIATIONS BULLETIN - ENB. A neutral, authoritative and up-to-the-minute record of ongoing multilateral negotiations on environment and sustainable development.

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this is very funny

this is very funny: "
Apparently, the “Progress” and Freedom Foundation has joined the publishers in the GooglePrint case. James Delong filled the inbox of countless many to inform them about “Google Print and the Aerospace Analogy: Lessig’s …

Though this discussion is about copyright issues it touches on interpretations of the commons that are very relevant to environmental economics.


TRI: "
From env-econ reader Clay Northouse (of OMB Watch):Your readers might be interested in a recent development at the EPA. They announced a plan to roll back reporting under the Toxic Release Inventory (TRI). This is the public’s only way to...

A positive Gristmill comment (!)

A positive Gristmill comment (!): "
Bart Anderson leaves a positive comment at part deux of Jason Scorse's environmental econ article at the Gristmill....

Pay to Drive

Pay to Drive: "
I've long thought it is a good idea to have congestion pricing for driving. I wouldn't be real happy about having to pay, but the my economist side tells me that there's no reason why roads have to be public...

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Το τελευταίο report της EEA

Το τελευταίο report της European Environmental Angency αφορά την γειτονιά μας και το βρίσκω αρκετά ενδιαφέρον. Αναφέρει διεξοδικά τα διάφορα περιβαλλοντικά προβλήματα της Μεσογείου και προσφέρει πολύ ενδιαφέρουσες πληροφορίες, πίνακες, χάρτες και διαγράμματα.

Priority issues in the Mediterranean environment, EEA Report No 5/2005

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Περιβαλλοντική φορολογία και ανεργία

Ένα πολύ ενδιαφέρον ερώτημα, τόσο σε θεωρητικό όσο και σε εφαρμοσμένο επίπεδο, είναι το κατά πόσο μία μετακύλιση της φορολογίας από την εργασία σε προϊόντα που προκαλούν περιβαλλοντικά προβλήματα μπορεί να επιτύχει τόσο την μείωση των περιβαλλοντικών προβλημάτων όσο και της ανεργίας. Η συζήτηση σε θεωρητικό επίπεδο συνεχίζεται ακόμη έντονη, ενώ η πρακτική εφαρμογή σε χώρες της Βέρειας Ευρώπης έχει δείξει κάποια πρώτα θετικά αποτελέσματα.

Ο Rick van der Ploeg εξετάζει το ερώτημα αυτό στο πολύ ενδιαφέρον και όχι τοσο "δύσκολο" άρθρο του με τίτλο "ENVIRONMENTAL TAXATION, UNEMPLOYMENT AND THE DOUBLE DIVIDEND"

Comprehensive National Income Accounting

The field of environmental accounting has made
great strides in the past two decades, moving from a
rather arcane endeavor to one tested in dozens of
countries and well established in a few. But the idea
that nations might integrate the economic role of the
environment into their income accounts is neither a
quick sell nor a quick process; it has been under
discussion since the 1960s. Despite the difficulties and
controversies described in this article, however, interest
is growing in modifying national income accounting
systems to promote understanding of the links
between economy and environment.

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Propert Rights in Oregon

Propert Rights in Oregon: "
I'm about to go into class today and talk about the Coase Theorem and I came across an interesting case study in Oregon. I know y'all out west are way more familiar with this than I am and it is...

The global warming game

The global warming game: "
I ran the public goods game in my micro classes on monday (Holt and Laury, J. of Econ Perspectives, 1997). I put the game in the context of global warming. Each student or teams of students is an industrial country...